Join Local Organic Food Co-operative Oma Maa!
People in the city can now eat as fresh organic food as the farmers do. We are currently recruiting new members for our co-operative. The food is produced in Tuusula, about 30 km off Helsinki, on Lassila family farm. As a Food-member, all you have to do is to pick up your weekly bag of fresh food from either our café in Kallio neighborhood in Helsinki or straight from the farm. The recipes are included. And of course you can share the membership with a friend so that both of you can enjoy the seasonal produce.

The delivery days for the weekly food bags are Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-18.00. Please inform us which day you prefer when making the first payment.

The food-bag is designed to cover one person’s weekly nutritional needs (of course depending on the time of the season and the level of harvest yields) or can work as a base from which to build your weekly diet.

At the moment you can choose from three different food-bag options

  1. Field produce with fresh seasonal vegetables, bread, cooking oil, pasta, flours etc (160 euros/month + 200 euros membership)
  2. Twenty fresh eggs (30 euros/month + 200  euros membership)
  3. Both of these combined (180 euros/month + 400  euros membership). Pictures of Food-bags >>

We are currently building an all-year-around greenhouse to produce fresh vegetables also in the winter season.

Please contact us to find out more and on how to take part!
Email: or call 050-4362171 / Ruby

Food Produced by Friends
How things work is that the Production-members of the co-operative produce the food at the farm and deliver it to the Food-members. It means that the food is produced by people you know! In the future our vision is to develop a completely self-supporting farm and co-operative.

Do Join Us and Get Your Hands Dirty on the Farm if You Wish
We arrange collective working days at the farm bi-monthly so that Food-members can get to know where their food is coming from aswell as each other. There’s a good vibe at our farm. Do come and experience it. Pictures from the farm and collective working days can be found here >>

Our Vision
Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Food
Companionship with Lassila farm is a way to develop food production in which the food is organic, local and where the means of production are commonly owned. By working together through companionship you can do your part in developing your own ecological, local and sustainable food production. We want to develop a methodsof production that enables ecological food culture and that can work as a step in the transformation towards wider changes in food production systems. Oma Maa’s production model has been called the most diverse Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative in the world.

Expanding the Production
We aim to diversify Lassila farm production so that we can achieve higher self-sufficiency in a collectively set timetable. The first step, in 2015, is to build an all-year-round greenhouse. Production has been already diversified to include chicken eggs. If we wish, we could diversify the production in the future to include raw milk production, citrus production, renewable energy production etc.

The investment costs and risks can be kept minimal for a single member with the help of a large group of co-operative members. In addition to the 200 euro membership fee, members have an option to buy additional production quotas to diversify the production. The 200 euro production quota fees can be compared to building blocks used to build our commonly agreed upon future. What would you like to produce?

An Open Operating Model
An open operating model based on democratic decision making is the basis of co-operative management. Everyone can be part in making decisions about what and how the commonly owned means of production are used. We aim to develop this model so that the Production-members and the Food-members work in a close collaboration.

The Principles of Production
Agriculture Respects both People and the Environment
The production is organic and local. The production and the produce are seasonal. The biomass and energy streams of production are developed to become more circular on the level of the farm to avoid dependency on natural resources elsewhere where they are also needed. The production happens on small farms and develops their ability to operate

Active Participation in a mutual Companionship
Oma Maa co-operative develops a new kind of mutual aid based on solidarity between the producers and consumers to fade the line between them.

Companionship offers the producers a steady market to deliver produce – there is no waste of produce. The Food-members get a steady stream of local organic food as agreed. Besides the benefits both member groups also share the risks, for example poor harvest on a cold summer or losses of produce, as is natural in a mutual companionship.

Food-members can join the farm work on specified collective working days and help the producers. The producers are committed to transparency. This openness is provided by a guarantee of the origin of the produce and the methods of production as well by the open operating model of the co-operative.