Oma Maa food cooperative is inviting for a 2 weeks Agricultural Camp at the Lassila family farm in Tuusula (some 30km from Helsinki). The camp is wanting to  offer a thought and practice provoking setting for international exchange around agriculture, in which agriculture addresses our food system, but also the fulfilling of other basic needs.


During the Agricultural Camp participants will be offered the possibility to exchange, learn and co-work with CSA Oma maa cooperative members regarding  the use of local resources as well as traditional methods in 

– the production of food for the CSA foodbags and farmdining dinners 

– the building of the infrastructure of the camp. Pending the interests of the participants, this could involve the following jointly decided upon activities :

*Accomodation: the building of a Goathi (Kota), the traditional home building practice of nomadic Sami people, from material in the forest.

*Food cooking: the building of a traditional hill oven. 

The program will include a visit with other CSA initiatives in the Helsinki region, as well as a Farmdining evening at our coop’s membership place in Helsinki. 

The camp will in addition also have sufficient moments to relax, have walks, jooga and sauna together on the Lassila family farm (we will be asking for the interest of participants in such activities and build the program accordingly!).  


The Agricultural Camp is made possible by a grant from the FundAction participatory grant making fund. If you are interested in participating in the camp (and/or have any questions), please write us including a word on your motivation to join the camp to, by 14.4.2022. You are welcome to join for the whole or a part of the camp – Tervetuloa mukaan!

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