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Summer greetings! on our edible forest, peltojooga, strawberries and diversity

Hi dear all,

July rainy summer greetings to all of you! not in the least also to you who have joined us now this month!

About our farming: warm, sunny and dry June

It was a very warm and sunny June month also on the farm, during which we concentrated on different things. We continued the development of the greenhouse and as such continued to have greens in the bags including our first beans! Our tomatoes and cucumbers are now growing strong there. We also spent time on our food forest clearing the area out; planted a lot of berry bushes, trimmed fruit trees, and of course spent efforts on watering the area. We also planted on the fields – carrots, mangoldi, a variety of beans, potatoes, onions, summer squash – and are keeping fingers crossed the rains have been coming in time for them to grow! As you will all have heard about, the past warm weather conditions have been presenting challenges for all farmers in Finland. In general, our avomaatuotanto will now be coming out a bit later this year, as we focused our spring energy to our very first greenhouse season, and our edible forest – both of course two fantastic things to have enjoyed and cared for! Do read also the profile of farmer Jan, one of our makers and care-takers.

We had to deal with an electricity cut during one of the bag days. This made us for a first time postpone our bagg day to the next day as we did not want to do away with all the prepared dough for the bread and beans for the hummus. But as the electricity only returned later on that postponed bag day, it was not possibly for us to make the bread and humus, and we ended up loosing what was prepared anyway. It is in moments like this, that looking at things from a long term perspective are important.

Because, we have been seeing the bountiful side as well!

Sharing the bountiful : Peltojooga and Strawberries!

So we celebrated a few new developments last month : We had our first well participated field yoga & brunch session! which has already been coined by a journalist as being an “innovation in agriculture”:) and we of course can’t do anything else but agree with the journalist that this is indeed a positive thing. A second peltojooga session upcoming 8.7! (see below)

Also, cooperation was renewed with one of Oma Maa coop’s founding members Eero Mattila of Kaukon tila, and in this manner we were firstly able to enjoy blackberries from the freezer, but then also a good amount of this years beautiful strawberries in our foodbags (of the Polka, Bounty and Jansok varieties). In addition, a number of you already came to the farm and picked strawberries according to the favourable conditions our coop was able to offer (8 € / kg if you pick just for yourself, or you pick on the principle of 50 % for the coop, 50 % for you). This offer still continues! as long as the strawberry fields provide, and is offered to all members, current try-out members and satojakokaverit, but not to other kaverit :). Needless to say we are also hoping this sharing of abundance is motivating our (try-out) members to renew or continue their enjoying of and commitment to our cooperative process! We can not stress too much, that our coop’s food bags are to be seen as a developmental process in itself, along with the overall development of the cooperative.

Speaking of which 🙂 …

Orders for August foodbag open now!

This July month we are having about the same number of bag order as in June. From August onward then, we are hoping to welcome the food bag orders of as many of you as possible:) be it as a member, as a try out member becoming member, or also of course of any new try-out members you believe would be interested to join! We are hoping to come to some 80-100 foodbag orders – this will be necessary for our coop to come to sustainability level to be able to continue its operations. We are at a critical point in this, thank you all for taking this to heart.

In the below a few upcoming Oma Maa dates

You will note that on the talkoot form, you are also able to engage in a variety to Oma Maa promotional activities. You would be most welcome to engage also in that way in taking our coop forward!


A little political end-note:) One beautiful feature of the working on the farm, is certainly also the societal and political discussions we have been having over morning coffee or lunch concerning, well, you name it:) but often of course regarding that what we are engaged in. Lifting here a particular issue we discussed during one of those moments : whilst putting a focus on the combatting of climate change is ofcourse an important issue, there is actually an even more core pressing reason in light of future life to farm and eat organic, namely the saving of our nature’s diversity. This is also what Oma Maa kumppanuusmaatalous is about!



Oma Maa dates upcoming!

Sunnuntaina 8.7. Kundaliinijoogaa ja brunssi Lassilan luomutilalla

klo 9:00-11:30

Facebook event

The next talkoot at least on:

Sa 7.7.

Tue 10.7

Thu 12.7

You can sign up, offer or find a ride via the following form.

Read also again the complete overview of our talkoot workings.

Hoping to great you soon on the farm!

Ulla & Ruby

Meet Jan, one of our farmers!

1. Who are you?

My name is Jan Veltman. I was born in 1986 in The Netherlands. I’ve been living in Finland since 2014. I recently moved with my partner Kirsi to Lassila Farm, to the old talkoomökki! My hobbies are: cooking, mushroom picking, gardening, cycling, camping, guitar playing and enjoying nature in all possible ways.

2. What fascinates you in Oma Maa?

Basically Everything. Most of all that we are trying to make the world a better place. That we are an alternative for the terrible (food) system that is destroying the planet. Then there’s the endless possibilities we have to make and do what we want and the huge variety of tasks, which makes every day a new adventure. The possibility to learn about almost anything you can think of. And of course the likeminded people I work with everyday.

It’s an amazing feeling to put my time and effort into something that makes me so proud that I want to tell all about it to the people around me. And to have this intrinsic motivation to work as much as I can to make this thing work!

3. Where you have been working other stuff or farming before?
I spend all my childhoods summers in my family’s house in France that is sort of like a farm. There I learned something about building, gardening and taking care of animals.

At home we had a vegetable garden too and when I was old enough to work I got my first summer job at a greenhouse picking cucumbers.

In Finland I have attended cooking school and have worked in several restaurants as a cook. I also worked for a company that builds and maintains yards and parks in the city of Helsinki. Before I found Oma Maa I spend a few months in Colombia where I volunteered at a permaculture farm.

4. How the world will change in your dreams? (Your utopia…)
I hope that what we are doing is not just staying inside of this small community, but that it will spread so that we will be able to change the world and live in a more sustainable way that is better for people and planet.

Because I believe that all people want to do good, but that the current system is making it very difficult to live your life the way you would actually want to. If for example there was more openess about the production of food and especially meat, people would make very different choices.

So in my ideal world there would be a basic income for everyone. That way we can choose how we spend our time. Everything we do would be based on our own values and beliefs in stead of on making money.

5. What is your favorite part and the hardest part in working in this co-op?
The hardest part is probably that everything is so unsure still. It’s a bit scary that I finally found something so good but that it’s totally unsure how long we’ll be able to continue doing this. Sometimes I feel like we should be doing more, but I don’t know what exactly…
Also I still have difficulties thinking in a ’co-op way’. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of a co-op before I joined Oma Maa. I’m used to traditional companies with a boss, employees, strickt rules etc… It’s great that we don’t have those now, but also confusing sometimes.
My favorite part of the co-op is the process from seed in the ground to food on the plate.
To give an example:
My favorite moment so far with Oma Maa was the dinner that we organised for guests that had attended an event at the social forum.
We cooked a 3 course meal for them entirely made of produce from the farm. The salad that was on the plate has grown from seeds that I sowed and it was me who took the parsnips from the ground the day before the dinner. Cooking with ingredients like that feels very special. But what made the whole experience truly amazing, was the applause from the guests at the end. That whole process; All the hard work on the farm, more hard work in the kitchen,  sharing our story with others and feeling genuine appreciation from them is the best feeling there is!

Have you already met Joel? >>

Peltojoogaa ja brunssi sunnuntaina 8.7.2018

Peltojooga oli niin hauskaa, että päätimme ottaa tavaksi!

Eli: Kundaliinijoogaa ja brunssi Tuusulassa Lassilan luomutilalla
Sunnuntaina 8.7. klo 9:00-12:00
(Lassilan luomutila: Paijalantie 341. 40 min Helsingin keskustasta.)

Klo 9 Ulla Mersinli ohjaa 1,5 h kundaliinijoogan pellonpientareella Lassilan luomutilan kauniissa ympäristössä. Jooga sopii myös vasta vähän aikaa jooganneille.

Klo 10:30 Nautimme yhdessä vegaanisen luomubrunssin, joka on valmistettu Lassilan tilan eli ruokaosuuskunta Oma maan antimista. (

Kokonaisuuden hinta on 25 €. Sitovat varaukset:
Saat laskun sähköpostiisi ja kuitti maksusta on jooga-brunssilippusi 🙂

Ottakaa mukaan:
-viltti loppurentoutusta varten
-Joogaamme tosiaan taivasalla pellon reunalla ja saamme ehkä nauttia raikkaasta järvituulesta, joka on joogatessa ihanaa, mutta ota siis kunnolla vaatetta mukaan: ole valmis sekä auringon paisteeseen että tuulen viimaan niin saat nauttia täysillä!

Kaikki ainekset ovat tilan omia ja lempeydellä joogeille valmistettuja ♥

Kutsu kavereita mukaan:

Ruokaosuuskunta vahvisti luomumarjatuotantoaan kumppanuuden avulla

Tuusulassa Lassilan luomutilalla toimiva ruokaosuuskunta Oma maa halusi vahvistaa luomumarjojen osuutta jäsentensä satokassissa. Mutta mikä neuvoksi, kun rahkeet eivät ihan kaikkeen riitä?

Lassilassa oma tuotanto kattaa jo koko kasvissyöjän ruokaympyrän ja merkittävä luomumarjatuotannon lisääminen olisi tällä hetkellä mahdotonta. Luomumarjat saatiin osaksi ruokaosuuskunnan satokassien sisältöä kumppanuuden avulla: Muutaman kilometrin päässä sijaitseva luomumarjatila Kaukon tila tuottaa nyt luomumansikat ja mustaherukat satokasseihin.

Pelkkä luomu ei riitä luomutilan isännille
Luomutilojaan luotsaavat isännät Jukka Lassila ja Eero Mattila ovat vanhoja tuttuja vuosien takaa. Eero on ollut mukana perustamassa Osuuskunta Oma maata. Aiemmin hän on keskittynyt marjojen viljelyyn ja myyntiin omalla tilallaan.
“Meillä on kuitenkin aina ollut samanlainen arvomaailma. Luomu ei ole ollut kummallekaan itseisarvo, sillä luomu-tittelin allakin voi viljellä kunnioittamatta ympäristöä ja ihmisiä. Luomutilan on oltava ihmisten kokoinen, aina jos raha ratkaisee, on lopputulos ikävä.”

Kumppanuus auttaisi monia muitakin toimijoita
Kumppanuudesta hyötyvät nyt molemmat osapuolet: Kaukon tilan marjat jaetaan suoraan Oma maan jäsenille eikä Eero Mattilan aika mene enää marjojen poimimiseen ja myyntityöhön. Osuuskunnan jäsenet saavat puolestaan ensiluokkaiset luomumarjat, joita voi olla vaikea löytää reilusti, ekologisesti ja lähellä tuotettuna, suoraan satokassiin. Satokassin hinta ei kuitenkaan nouse, vaan Osuuskunta hoitaa marjatuotannon kustannukset työpanoksellaan ja yhdessä sovitulla rahallisella korvauksella.

Kaukon tilalla luomumarjojen myynti siis päättyi, mutta ruokaosuuskunta Oma maan jäseneksi voi liittyä ja hakea satokassin viikottain joko Tuusulasta Lassilan tilalta tai Helsingin Kalliosta.

Ulla Pulkka
Tuottajajäsen / Tuusulan Osuuskunta Oma maa
041 536 8183 / (satokassitilaukset ja muu lisäinfo)

Peltojoogaa sunnuntaina 10.6.

Sunnuntaina nähdään. Tässä vähän lisätietoa ja fiilistelyä!

Brunssin menu:
-Villiyrttiteetä (vadelmanlehti, kanervan kukka, horsmanlehti, apilan kukka, poimunlehti)
-Tilan vanhaan juureen leivottua ruisleipää + härkäpapuhummusta, siankärsämöä, ketunleipää ja niittysuolaheinää
-Peruna-vuohenputkisalaatti vinegretin kera
-Hernefalafelia piparjuuridipillä ja nokkospestolla
-Yön yli hautunut kaurahelmipuuro kardemummalla ja ceylon-kanelilla maustettuna
-Kallioimarteella maustettu kauravanukas ruusunterälehdillä
Kaikki ainekset ovat tilan omia ja lempeydellä joogeille valmistettuja

Ottakaa mukaan:
-viltti loppurentoutusta varten
-Joogaamme tosiaan taivasalla pellon reunalla ja saamme ehkä nauttia raikkaasta järvituulesta, joka on joogatessa ihanaa, mutta ota siis kunnolla vaatetta mukaan: ole valmis sekä auringonpaisteeseen että tuulenviimaan niin saat nauttia täysillä! Sää näyttää hyvältä: puolipilvistä ja 15-20c.

Maksu 25 €:
Lähetämme teille laskun meilitse maanantaina, eli ei tarvitse varautua maksuun vielä tapahtumassa. Tuotto menee osuuskunnan hyväksi + joogaopelle.

Osa on ilmoittautunut vain FB:ssä. Muistattehan loputkin varata paikkanne myös meilitse Kiitos!

Kesäkuun ensimmäinen satokassi + reseptit

Tänään satokassissa seuraavat luomuherkut:

-salaatti tai mangoldi



-villiyrttipesto (Nokkonen & vuohenputki. Kokkaa vehnäriisin tai ohrasuurimon kanssa vaikka risotoksi. Resepti alla.)

-tilan vanhaan juureen leivottu ruisleipä

-falafel (Nauti esim. sellaisenaan villiyrttipeston tai piparjuurikastikkeen kera.)

-kaurajugurtti (Käytä ruuanlaitossa kerman tai juuston tapaan tai surauta superterveelliseksi smoothieksi:

-piparjuurikastike (Piparjuuressa on ihanan voimakas maku. (Käytä vaikka creme fraichen tapaan falafelien tai keiton päällä mausteena / dippinä.)

-puolikarkea vehnäjauho (Kokkaa vaikka seitanpihvejä:

-vehnäriisi (hki)/ ohrasuurimo (tuusula) (Kokkaa vaikka risotto tai ohratto, mausta villiyrttipestolla:…/

Ps. Kuljemme kohti zero waste -aikaa, siihen asti: Käytä purkkeja pakastepurkkien tapaan tai tuo ne meille niin me pakastamme niissä omiamme tai voit myös kierrättää kaikki muovipakkauksemme muovinkeräyspisteessä näin: huuhtaise kylmällä vedellä sen verran etteivät haise (älä suotta tuhlaa energiaa enempää tiskaamiseen – se on Virallinen Ohje) ja laita keräyslaatikkoon.

Kesäkuun tapahtumat ja talkoot

Osuuskunnan tapahtumiin voi osallistua kuka tahansa, myös talkoisiin, vaikka ei kuuluisi osuuskuntaan!

Sunnuntaina 10.6. Kundaliinijoogaa ja brunssi Lassilan luomutilalla
klo 9:00-11:30
Facebook event >>

Perjantaina 15.6 Villiyrtti-ilta Lassilan luomutilalla
klo 17-21
Rentouttava ja opettavainen ilta Osuuskunta Oma Maan vieraana Lassilan tilalla
Facebook event>>

Sa 16.6. (There will be the possibility for Sauna as well after talkoot!)
Su 17.6.
Sa 30.6.
Su 1.7.
You can sign up, offer or find a ride via the following form >>
Read also again the complete overview of our talkoot workings.
Jos ongelmia lomakkeen kanssa tai haluat kysyä jotain, ota yhteyttä Ullaan: 041 536 8183

Talkookuvia 27.5.2018

Tänään oli hyvä määrä talkooporukkaa – myös uusia kokeilujäseniä, joiden kokemuksia satokassista ja ekoista talkoista oli kiva kuulla. Heistä kuoriutui myös varsin taitavia kasvinkäsittelijöitä ja raksaduunareita: Saimme purettua kausihuoneen ja ruukutettua paljon kasveja suurempiin ruukkuihin. Saara ja Ulla tekivät ruuaksi nokkoskaurattoa, härkäpapuhummusta ja villiä vihersalaattia vinegretin kera. Kiitos kaikille!

Seuraavat talkoot ovat:
la 16. 6. (Silloin lämpiää myös sauna talkoiden päätteeksi!)
su 17.6.
la 30.6.
su 1.7.
Jos otat teltan mukaan, voit myös yöpyä tilalla talkoiden välisen yön. Talkoot ovat avoimia tapahtumia, joihin kaikki ovat tervetulleita, vaikka eivät olisikaan osuuskunnan jäseniä.

Talkoisiin voi ilmoittautua mukaan täällä >>
(Pääset lisäämään nimesi kirjautumalla google driveen esim. gmail-tunnuksilla. Tai jos lomakkeen kanssa on ongelmia niin ilmoittaudu Ullalle 041 536 8183.)

Vanha, romahtanut kausihuone saatiin purettua!


Meet Joel, one of our farmers!

Joel Bird!


Who are you?
Joel P. Bird- Farmer/Environmentalist/Musician/Family man (Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A)
What fascinates you in Oma maa?
I love that Oma Maa incorporates the growing of produce, the production of food products, and has learning possibilities for everyone that has the desire to grow themselves. Many of us have a variety of knowledge and skills that we can share with each other, making each of us a better version of ourselves. Together, we grow.
Where have you been farming before?
I have 2 years of formal Agriscience/Horticulture training from the Kent Career Technical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we worked in a greenhouse and an arboretum. We also designed and installed landscapes for Habitat For Humanity. I’ve always had a garden at home as well, where I mostly grew tomatoes, peppers, squash, and corn. I’ve spent many months helping farmers in northern Michigan with their gardens and farms, spending time with goats and chickens. I spent one summer helping organize a community garden in an urban area of Grand Rapids where we taught the neighborhood how to grow their own produce. I spent 6 months working at a co-op grocery store in northern Michigan called Oryana that worked closely with farmers, bringing in their produce to sell and offering them the funds to get Organic certification. After that, I volunteered at a Nature Center CSA where we grew everything that would grow in the climate. I have studied permacutlure, sustainability and natural resource management as well. I have a passion for wild-edibles as well, but have much to learn of Finland’s wild foods.
How the world will change in your dreams?
Ideally, if we could get rid of mass-production of monoculture farming and work with the land the way nature intended, we would all be better off. Also, if we could share our knowledge without the necessity of having said-knowledge be a piece of paper from a University, we would all benefit. Sharing is caring 😉
What is your favorite part and the hardest part when working in this co-op?
My favorite and the hardest part are that every day is different. I love the new challenges that we face, but it can be difficult from time to time. Though, it is all a learning experience that I wouldn’t change for the world!
Oma maassa on ollut maaliskuusta lähtien 6 työntekijää: Ruby, Jukka, Ulla, Jon, Joel ja Jan.

Oma maassa on ollut maaliskuusta lähtien 6 työntekijää: Ruby, Jukka, Ulla, Jon, Joel ja Jan.

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