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On our reds and greens, events@the farm and a question

Hi dear all,

August greetings!

About our farming: also a warm, sunny and dry July

As we all have been standing still at, in July the warm and sunny days continued. And manyfold have been the writings and conversations around us with concerns regarding the significance of these high temperatures, of climate change. And whilst in itself this weather of course also impacts the workings of our cooperative, and gives food for thought regarding directions to take for us, we also stand firm amidst the increasing recognition of the fact that it is sustainable organic small scale cooperative production, which in many ways is not only a strategical element of adaptation, but also of mitigation when speaking of climate change.

… with nevertheless beautiful reds and greens continuing in our food bags

The beautiful strawberry red continued in our bags during July, and we spent a good number of days on the fields together during the weekends, but also during foodbaggs days. Red also coming from our very first tomatoes in the foodbaggs in July! As well as from our radishes and cherries. At some point the strawberry delight ended, but only to give way for black currants, as well as potatoes from our very same and beautiful Oma Maa cooperative member Kaukon tila. More greens in turn in our baggs came from our first cucumbers! from our broad beans, as well as from our peas.

Good work has accompanied the (forthcoming) harvests. So the fields of the radishes, carrots and other root vegetables have been weeded, more salad has been planted, and most of the berries have been cleared in the food forest – surprisingly and wonderfully most of them seem to have been surviving in spite of the heat!

More @the farm

On the farm we appreciated to have members with us also during the intensive foodbagg production hours. And at large thoughts have been more developing as to how to have/enable more people engaged on the farm in meaningful and enjoyable activities. A second yoga and brunch was successfully held beginning July, with close to 30 people enjoying the session in a beautiful morning sun on the fields, as birds flew over. The brunch was also very appreciated, and brought up requests to cooking classes on the farm! We will be developing the upcoming ideas further, and as you can see from the below little calendar, for September a Kierrätettyä ja käsintehtyä Lassilan luomutilalla event will take place.

And more food bagg orders

This August month we then come to 60 full bag orders, which in practice means 40 whole baggs, and 40 half baggs. Nineteen new try-out members joined for august-september month, and ordered 6 whole and 13 half bags. Our egg orders are pretty much full for the moment.

As glad as we are with each and everyone of those orders, we are hoping to come to some 80-100 foodbag orders – this will be necessary for our coop to come to a sustainability level to be able to continue its operations. Signing up for the foodbags continues to be possible:)

Can you change your Tuesday pick up day to Thursday?

Last but not least still the following question : who of you Tuesday people (i.e. you who are currently picking up your foodbag on Tuesdays), would be willing, or perhaps even be glad, to change your pick up day to Thursday?! We are asking this, as there is currently a big difference in the number of bags to be produced for Tuesday compared to Thursday, with food bags produced on Tuesday almost reaching 40. The issue is that if we get above 40 bags for a certain day, we need to turn for instance the oven twice for one bread kind, which of course has its impact on our timetable etc. Therefore, as long as we are below 80 orders, it would be better if we can more evenly distribute the orders for Tuesday and Thursday. Should it be possible for you to switch, do send Ruby a message at! Thanking!

In the below a few upcoming Oma Maa dates :

Sunday 2.9 Kierrätettyä ka käsintehtyä Lassilan luomutillalla

Kierrätettyä ja käsintehtyä Lassilan luomutilalla

Klo 12:00 – 16:00

Welcome to join for talkoot during foodbag days :

Tue 7.8

Thu 9.8

You can sign up, offer or find a ride via the following talkoot form.

Read also again the complete overview of our talkoot workings.

You will note that on the talkoot form, you are also able to engage in a variety of Oma Maa promotional activities. You would be most welcome to engage also in that way in taking our coop forward!

Hoping to greet all of you sooner or later on the farm!


Ulla & Ruby


Summer greetings! on our edible forest, peltojooga, strawberries and diversity

Hi dear all,

July rainy summer greetings to all of you! not in the least also to you who have joined us now this month!

About our farming: warm, sunny and dry June

It was a very warm and sunny June month also on the farm, during which we concentrated on different things. We continued the development of the greenhouse and as such continued to have greens in the bags including our first beans! Our tomatoes and cucumbers are now growing strong there. We also spent time on our food forest clearing the area out; planted a lot of berry bushes, trimmed fruit trees, and of course spent efforts on watering the area. We also planted on the fields – carrots, mangoldi, a variety of beans, potatoes, onions, summer squash – and are keeping fingers crossed the rains have been coming in time for them to grow! As you will all have heard about, the past warm weather conditions have been presenting challenges for all farmers in Finland. In general, our avomaatuotanto will now be coming out a bit later this year, as we focused our spring energy to our very first greenhouse season, and our edible forest – both of course two fantastic things to have enjoyed and cared for! Do read also the profile of farmer Jan, one of our makers and care-takers.

We had to deal with an electricity cut during one of the bag days. This made us for a first time postpone our bagg day to the next day as we did not want to do away with all the prepared dough for the bread and beans for the hummus. But as the electricity only returned later on that postponed bag day, it was not possibly for us to make the bread and humus, and we ended up loosing what was prepared anyway. It is in moments like this, that looking at things from a long term perspective are important.

Because, we have been seeing the bountiful side as well!

Sharing the bountiful : Peltojooga and Strawberries!

So we celebrated a few new developments last month : We had our first well participated field yoga & brunch session! which has already been coined by a journalist as being an “innovation in agriculture”:) and we of course can’t do anything else but agree with the journalist that this is indeed a positive thing. A second peltojooga session upcoming 8.7! (see below)

Also, cooperation was renewed with one of Oma Maa coop’s founding members Eero Mattila of Kaukon tila, and in this manner we were firstly able to enjoy blackberries from the freezer, but then also a good amount of this years beautiful strawberries in our foodbags (of the Polka, Bounty and Jansok varieties). In addition, a number of you already came to the farm and picked strawberries according to the favourable conditions our coop was able to offer (8 € / kg if you pick just for yourself, or you pick on the principle of 50 % for the coop, 50 % for you). This offer still continues! as long as the strawberry fields provide, and is offered to all members, current try-out members and satojakokaverit, but not to other kaverit :). Needless to say we are also hoping this sharing of abundance is motivating our (try-out) members to renew or continue their enjoying of and commitment to our cooperative process! We can not stress too much, that our coop’s food bags are to be seen as a developmental process in itself, along with the overall development of the cooperative.

Speaking of which 🙂 …

Orders for August foodbag open now!

This July month we are having about the same number of bag order as in June. From August onward then, we are hoping to welcome the food bag orders of as many of you as possible:) be it as a member, as a try out member becoming member, or also of course of any new try-out members you believe would be interested to join! We are hoping to come to some 80-100 foodbag orders – this will be necessary for our coop to come to sustainability level to be able to continue its operations. We are at a critical point in this, thank you all for taking this to heart.

In the below a few upcoming Oma Maa dates

You will note that on the talkoot form, you are also able to engage in a variety to Oma Maa promotional activities. You would be most welcome to engage also in that way in taking our coop forward!


A little political end-note:) One beautiful feature of the working on the farm, is certainly also the societal and political discussions we have been having over morning coffee or lunch concerning, well, you name it:) but often of course regarding that what we are engaged in. Lifting here a particular issue we discussed during one of those moments : whilst putting a focus on the combatting of climate change is ofcourse an important issue, there is actually an even more core pressing reason in light of future life to farm and eat organic, namely the saving of our nature’s diversity. This is also what Oma Maa kumppanuusmaatalous is about!



Oma Maa dates upcoming!

Sunnuntaina 8.7. Kundaliinijoogaa ja brunssi Lassilan luomutilalla

klo 9:00-11:30

Facebook event

The next talkoot at least on:

Sa 7.7.

Tue 10.7

Thu 12.7

You can sign up, offer or find a ride via the following form.

Read also again the complete overview of our talkoot workings.

Hoping to great you soon on the farm!

Ulla & Ruby

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