Whilst the income of Oma maa foodbags is meant to see to the covering of Oma maa’s daily running operations, Oma maa is now turning to crowdfunding to finance the very necessary investments we need to both maintain, renew and expand Oma Maa’s activities.

In this process, our coop decided unanimously and positively during an additional cooperative meeting on March 28th regarding a change in our cooperatives rules allowing for Oma maa to be giving out equity shares in order to come to an investment fund for Oma maa.  A first step in that process, is now the establishing of a loan circle, to which anyone members and non members alike can be participating with whatever kind of sum they seem fit, and which can be converted into shares which are intended to be issued in fall (if one want to do so).

The loan circle will be running from 15.5 – 13.6.2021, and the aim is to in this manner collect up 50.000 euro’s  investment funding. 

You can read here (much) more on the process of the raising of Investment funds for Oma maa, and in particular on the first fase of the loan circle – including information on the coops financial and economic situation, investments that are being considered and gotten, a full fledged Frequently Asked Questions section and ofcourse on how to participate in the loan circle.

All in all the process of coming to the change of Oma maa to allow for shareholdership has been a qualitative rich process which started after our annual meeting last year September, and which brought at large good learning for us, for our coop. As perhaps not everyone has had a change to follow this process all too well, anyone interested is welcome to still look at all the Oma maa shareholdership material we created in this process.

PS look at this wonderful visual of our coop AK made! including also the new role of investor being created.