The first newsletter of this year is being sent out to you in May.. let us think of this as a tribute to the fact that we have not been sitting still!:) and at least some of you will of course have been following what has been happening via social media.

1.News from the ongoing seasonSome words on the field activities currently ongoing and our foodbagorders.

2. Coopday I (the already circulated report of our first Coopday held on February 7th. One of the things presented during that day was a draft of our Oma maa Action plan 2021-2023. We will be having our Annual meeting mid June, and the board has been discussing that during the annual meeting we will address the action plan, whilst still getting back to the collective drafting in a next session following the annual meeting. In the draft plan Oma maa’s call was worded followingly :

Oma maa is inviting on board of an all-year-round ecological community process around Good Agriculture, in which agriculture refers to the cultivating and developing of the land to fulfill people’s need for food as well as other basic needs, and to make good, ecological life possible!

3. Oma maa loan circle and shareholdership – towards an investment fund for Oma maa!

After a half year qualitative process involving the dedication of a number of Oma maa members, we are now set to open Oma maa’s loan circle, which can be seen as the pulling together of community financing in the run up to Oma maa shareholdership!  It is urgent for us now to be able to gather resources to finance the necessary investments for Oma maa’s process which have started already last year, and which are taken forward this year.

4. A  continued welcome to join in Oma maa’s coproduction! As was also brought to the forefront during the Coopday, beyond a notion of “helping” of our farmers to be producing our food, Oma maa is an invitation for everyone interested to shape a relation towards our Agriculture, and with this bringing our foodsystem more into our hands and governed according to for us important social and ecological values – which is an important cornerstone for systemic change in our society. Big words 🙂 but so at the core as to the ‘Why we are doing what we are doing’.

In practical terms – Please find these words linked to the sheets on which you can notify of your coming to the farm, and join in the coop car going. We are also working on Saturdays. Or perhaps you want to join in the carrying out of satojako. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is needed! At the same time we want to add, that it is also perfectly understood if it is not possible for you to join in any thing of this just right now…

5. And last but not least, and putting all of the above together : We are campaigning!

We are warmly welcoming (and in need of) more participation in Oma maa’s process on the three levels of food membership, co-production, and investments and these coming weeks are important for us to be passing on this message.

Therefore, thank you very much for passing the word of these possibilities to anyone and anywhere you think it could be met with interest! You will be finding the linked to letter also in your foodbags over the next weeks, welcome to pass that on!

With sunshine greetings,

And on behalf of Oma maa board and co-producers,

Ruby van der Wekken