Summer and our summer harvest season are approaching fast! We have started work on the fields and it has been nice to see so many of you participating in our talkoot over the past few weekends. It is also time to promote our harvest bag to friends and family for the upcoming season. This year we are also adding new ways to be involved in the Oma Maa community through crowdfunding: we are building up to issuing our equity shares in the fall, and gathering bridge funding through our loan circle. Here is some more information on these different ways to participate in Oma Maa! 

Oma Maa is inviting everyone on board for an all-year-round ecological community process around Good Agriculture. Here agriculture refers to the cultivating and developing of the land to fulfill people’s need for food as well as other basic needs, and to make good, ecological life possible. You can read more about Good Agriculture at Oma Maa on our updated website at omamaafi/good-agriculture

We are now warmly welcoming participation in Oma maa’s process on three levels: food membership, co-production, and investments.

Food membership. By ordering our harvest bag either every week or every other week, food members are at the back bone of Oma Maa. Our target for this summer is 110 orders per week, which will enable us to deal with our daily operational costs. We are currently only at 72 orders! So if you have taken a break over the winter, remember to renew your order for this summer season! Also, we will be actively campaigning to get new food members on board, so please pass on our messages in social media and contact your friends and family who could be interested in becoming try-out members.

Co-production. We openly welcome everyone to join Oma Maa’s activities at the farm, be it as a producing member, a food member in talkoot, a trainee, a volunteer or even a professional wanting to try out what working along at Oma Maa offers, be it in the kitchen or in the fields. Oma Maa’s holistic way of working with Agriculture offers manifold possibilities for collective engagement and learning through peer-to-peer pedagogical processes. It is this co-production that will bring us forward in realising Oma Maa’s potential.

Investments. Starting this year, we are also welcoming new contributors to Oma Maa’s community: equity shareholders. We are turning to crowdfunding to finance the investments we need to both maintain, renew and expand Oma Maa’s activities. We have an investment budget of 50.000 euros in 2021 that we are looking to fund by a loan circle this spring, followed by an issue of equity shares in the fall. Read more in the leaflet distributed together with this letter in your harvest bag!

These coming weeks are important for us to be passing on this message, and to encourage more participation on all three levels! 

Thank you very much for passing the word of these possibilities to anyone and anywhere you think it could be met with interest!