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Oma maa's first shares issue was 29th of January to 28th of February, 2022.
The investors get to support our community and our work towards systemic change via furthering a year-round, community supported, and regenerative agricultural process. In this process, in addition to people, the entire spectrum of animal and plant species flourishes. The funds raised in this share issue will be used towards the following aims: Upkeep and acquisition of agricultural machines, enlargement of our food forest and crop diversification, improving our soil, and the development of our secondary food production.

The aim of the campaign was to raise 70 000 euros.
There was 80 investors joining and 42 800 euros invested.

Join events during the campaign:

5-6.2. Info events 

Welcome to the info event on Saturday 5.2. 10-11  & Sunday 6.2. 17-18.

During these two online events, we will be telling more about Oma maa, the campaign and how you can make the investment. There will also be time for discussion and questions. Join by sending an email to jasenet@omamaa.fi 


13.2. Panel discussion

Welcome to our Panel discussion "Food as a commons" Sunday 13.2, 16-18pm

The global food system has usurped power over food production issues, causing many ecological and social problems. The event will explore key issues in order to be bringing our food system back into our hands.

With Otto Bruun, Teppo Eskelinen, Laura Gustafsson, Galina Kallio, Jukka Lassila. The event is in Finnish,  and can be attended on Kaarlenkatu 15 or in zoom. Link to the event page on Facebook. You can also get the zoom link by writing to jasenet@omamaa.fi.

19.2. Farm Dining

More info coming soon!

Oma maa develops sustainable living

Oma maa is a cooperative, which practices regenerative community supported agriculture on the Lassila and Kauko organic farms in Tuusula. Our foodbags are distributed also in Järvenpää, and our member space in the neighborhood of Kallio in Helsinki.

Oma maa’s vision is that by changing our basic needs systems – meaning by changing the production, distribution, and consumption of our basic needs such as food and energy – we can develop pathways towards socially, ecologically better, and healthier communities, both locally and globally.

There are four ways in which Oma maa works towards this vision.

By taking care of our land in order to strengthen its vitality: to enrich biodiversity, to strengthen its capacity regarding carbon sequestration, and to strengthen its efficiency regarding nutrients recycling through ecological farming.

By practicing year-round community supported agriculture and becoming an example of a sustainable food system.

By developing a socially just work community, which bases its practices on peer to peer learning and coproduction.

By changing in the future, besides our food system, also other basic needs systems such as energy through Oma maa’s process around sustainable agriculture, as part of larger systemic change.

Oma maa’s practices and principles

In 2021, Oma maa produced diverse food products on average for some 80 households. In cooperation with each other, Lassila and Kaukon farm can develop their activities to provide food for some 200 households, involving the engagement of some 6 producing members.

Oma maa’s practices are based on permaculture and polyculture principles, and on the sustainable circulation of local natural resources and nutrients. Guiding our farming is caring for our land. When our land is well, she can bear fruits for us and others, who are dependent on her. Guided by this principle we grow arable crops such as potatoes, peas, kidney beans and cereals and vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes and other perennial garden plants both in the open and in the greenhouse.

We also produce different kinds of ready made products such as flakes, flour, sourdough bread, oat yogurt, pea falafel and seitan. In its secondary food production, Oma maa integrates local and traditional methodologies of both efficient and ecological resource use with global practices and tastes. With this process, Oma maa addresses the issue of what can and should be the food of the future.

Our community supported agriculture initiative carries a focus on peer to peer pedagogical co-production processes. The cooperative’s producing members work on the farm, take care of the animals, and prepare food products from the harvest. Food members commit to ordering harvest bags, and take part in different activities, such as the distribution of the harvest bags, different (discussion and deliberation) events and are invited to co-work on the farm in an open continuous call. Together we take care of the land, share the joys and sorrows of farming, and learn about sustainable agriculture. Through this shared work we give root to new sustainable living practices.

Oma maa’s investments and finances

Oma maa’s community supported agriculture is a model of local food production which strives towards self sufficiency, including also seed self sufficiency. In order to be able to cover its operational costs with operational income, and in order to grow, Oma maa needs investment funding for an adequate level of machinery, to improve the land, and to increase its plant diversity.

Oma maa started its long term investment work into machinery and equipment in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, we continued our investment work by creating a community loan circle, collecting 22.700 euros that were used for machinery, for the enlarging of our food forest, as well as for the continuation of the building of our irrigation system. At the same time, we prepared for the current share issue by creating equity shares in our rules.

In 2022, we continue our investment work even further by taking in use this new financial instrument of share issue, in which also the general public can participate. This crowdfunding will enable us to continue our investments also in 2022. At the same time, it will strengthen Oma maa’s own capital, and diminish the cooperative’s indebtedness, since it enables paying back the loan circle loans or converting the loans into shares.

Our plan is to launch multiple share issue rounds during the coming three years. The aim of this first share issue in 2022 is to raise 70.000 euro, and the total need for additional funding between 2022 and 2025 is estimated at 150.000 - 200.000 euros.

In this manner, we will be able to learn from previous crowdfunding rounds as we continue to increase our own capital. The overall aim of our investment work is to develop an ecological culture based on a companionship between us humans and nature one step at a time.

Oma maa’s revenues and expenditures

Oma maa’s revenues mainly come from members’ harvest bag orders, a number which fluctuates according to seasons. A membership share bought by a member enables them to order one harvest bag: field production, greenhouse production, or eggs. Other revenues currently come from Tuusula lake’s maintenance work, whilst the cooperative has also received some project grants.

Oma maa’s expenditures currently consist of production fees paid to three farmers, salaries, procurements, rents, and administration costs. We currently employ two people. Rents are paid for secondary food production facilities in Tuusula and for a cafe space in Kallio that also serves as a distribution point.

Food members participate in the work of the cooperative and help with distribution of the harvest bags, administration, and work days organized at the farms.

In 2021, Oma maa made a profit of 117.679 euros, as one accounting item of 156.253 euros was removed from long term loans and recognized as other profits. However, last year we did not yet reach the average of 100 harvest bag orders per month needed for our revenues to cover our basic operational costs.

This means that the financial situation of the cooperative is still weak. The capital and reserves of the cooperative on 31st of December, 2021, were 73.659 euros in deficit. Oma maa has been able to continue its operations in this challenging situation, as the farmer / producing member Jukka Lassila has given the cooperative loans.

In order to become a food member and one of the owners of the cooperative, you need to purchase a membership share. One membership share costs 200 euros. Our subscribed capital from the membership shares increased by 7.800 euros in 2021, resulting in a total subscribed capital of 77.200 euros on 31st of December, 2021.



Join our community working towards systemic change by participating in our equity based crowdfunding!

Oma maa’s equity based crowdfunding is open to the public between 29th of January and 28th of February 2022. The aim is to collect 70 000 euros, meaning that there are a maximum of 1 400 new shares issued. There is no upper limit of shares per buyer, so you can purchase shares with the amount you want, how big or small that might be. You can also buy the shares as a gift. In this case contact us toimisto@omamaa.fi.

Anyone can become an investor in Oma maa, you don’t need to be a member of the cooperative. However, the members do have a primary subscription right to the equity shares. Between 15th of January and 28th of February 2022 the equity shares are offered only to members of the cooperative who at the time of the subscription own at least one membership share (primary subscribers). Between 29th of January and 28th of February 2022 the equity shares are offered to the public (secondary subscribers).

Investing in Oma maa is a concrete act in support of the environment, biodiversity, and a sustainable future

The funds collected by the share issue will be used for the upkeep and acquisition of agricultural machines, enlargement of our food forest and crop diversification, improvement of our soil, and the development of our secondary food production. In addition, we will be using the share issue also to shorten our investment debt, since the funds will be used to pay back the loans from the 2021 loan circle (maximum 22 720 euros + interest) as well as the investment debt to Jukka Lassila from 2020 (11 078,88 euro). Loan circle participants can also decide to convert their loans into equity shares).

Three reasons to join the cooperative as an investor:


The upkeep of soil, flora and fauna.
You will be protecting and supporting an exceptional diversity in our agroforestry of both plant and animal species in fields, meadows, forests, gardens, and greenhouses.


The development of sustainable living. You will be supporting our cooperative to realize its potential to serve as a replicable model of a year-round community supported agricultural initiative, developing sustainable living practices through peer to peer pedagogical co-production processes.


The possibility to have a relationship with our community. Deepen your relationship to the land, learn more about sustainable agriculture, and take part in our events. Also, from afar, you will be able to have a relationship with our progressive processes and learn along with us.

What are the risks related to investing in Oma maa?

Buying shares always involves the risk of losing the capital that you have invested. If you want, you are free to sell the equity shares to a new owner. There is no marketplace where you could trade Oma maa’s equity shares, so finding a new owner is your own responsibility. You also need to be aware that if the new owner is not willing to buy the share at the price that you have defined, you might need to sell your equity shares with a loss.

There are always risks related to agricultural activities. These risks affect Oma maa’s capacity to cultivate the land and raise crops. For example, there are many uncertainties created by weather conditions; the crop might fail due to drought or prolonged rains.

Community supported agriculture is an alternative model of food production that relies heavily on both the work of the paid farmers and the possibilities of food members to participate in the work. For example, during harvest season this might cause problems due to a too small number of participating food members, resulting in a failure to harvest all the crops before the winter season begins.

In addition, Oma maa has gathered a deficit of 73.659 euros from the previous accounting periods. The cooperative has been able to continue its operations due to the long-term loans given by the farmer/producing member Jukka Lassila.

As a shareholder, you are not responsible for the loans of the cooperative.

The Oma maa equity shares are issued to support community supported agriculture. Read more on Oma maa’s financial situation and the risks related to investing from the Basic information document. Evaluate your own financial situation and only take risks that are proportionate to your own finances.


Shareholders role in the cooperative

As an equity shareholder, you are part of the Oma maa community! You are always welcome to our events on the Lassila farm in Tuusula, such as the Kekri harvest festival, or to visit or participate in the work during the voluntary work days organized by the cooperative. In addition, you can participate in our other events such as the farm dining events in our cafe space in Helsinki in the neighborhood of Kallio. If you live further away from Oma maa, you can still follow the activities of the cooperative through our website, our newsletters, our social media, or our online events. Our aim is to make all developmental work transparent to both members and shareholders.

Being an equity shareholder in Oma maa gives you the right to participate and speak at the cooperative meetings. Similarly to members, the equity shares equally give a right to participate in the cooperative board meetings. In addition, one representative of the shareholders can be elected to the board, giving the equity shareholders the real possibility to influence the workings of the cooperative. However, the equity shareholders do not have the right to vote at the cooperative meetings.

In Oma maa, equity shareholders are in a priority position if distributable funds are ever paid out as dividends. Dividends are decided upon by the cooperative meetings. According to Oma maa’s rules, at least one third of surplus needs to be paid out to the equity shareholders. If more that one third of the surplus is paid out, at least half of the amount is paid out to the equity shareholders.


Additional reading:

Share issue decision
Basic information document

Rules of the cooperative
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Financial statements 2021  (requires performance audit and approval of the cooperative's meeting)
More information on the financial situation of the cooperative
Content of the subscription commitment
Oma maa's process around Good Agriculture 

Invest in a sustainable future - Invest in Oma maa

Subscribing Oma maa equity shares is done by filling in the Subscription commitment found here. On the Subscription commitment you are asked how many equity shares you want to subscribe to, and to commit to the terms and conditions of the share issue. You can familiarize yourself with the content of the Subscription commitment beforehand through this document. Please note that the subscription is a binding commitment.

When you have sent us your Subscription commitment, we will send you an invoice of the subscribed shares within a week through the FloMembers-service. The due date of the invoice is 14 days after your subscription, or 7.3.2022 at the latest.

The results of the share issue will be published on this website as soon as possible after the issue has ended, at the latest on 21st of March, 2022. After this the cooperative will register the equity shares.

After the shares have been successfully registered, we will send an info package to all the new shareholders. The info package will also contain the list of shares, where you will find the numbers of the shares that are subscribed to you. We will not print out share certificates.

You can also send us a contact request through this form. Please write down any questions you have under Additional information and tell us, if you want us to contact you through email or by phone.

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