November greetings!


Our October farming brought a rainbow in our foodbags

These previous newsletters will be informative for you who joined only recently.

October brought an abundant month of Oma Maa carrots, nauris, lanttu, and punajuuri –  some roots very huge, but also many tasty baby roots, and with it – as our farmer Joel Bird put it – a rainbow in our foodbags.

In the greenhouse our cucumber and tomato season came for a moment to an end, whilst a lot of planting started up again: asian leaves, mangoldi, spinach, pak choi etc. upcoming in our bags very soon! At the same time we had some drawback in the greenhouse caused by among other things mice eating our produce. We are actively doing our best to control such factors and get our new plants doing well!

New in the bags were hemp seeds from our second farm in the coop, Kaukon tila. And as mentioned also further on in this newsletter,  some first hemp products were experimented with during our October dinner.

In the October bags, we also had a nice combination of local products, local methods but global tastes Oma Maa wants to experiment further in, as our bags had seitan tortilla and an excellent much complimented Salsa Verde from our own tomatillos.

@the Farm

Some 30 people participated in October on a beautiful autumn-ish weekend during the Sadonkorjuutalkoot ja ruokametsäkävely”. The turnout was wonderful, to show and share on all the doings with our members and to collectively also get a good amount of work done! Everyone was commenting how such a day can make such a difference in getting the things done. All our hands put together make the load light!

@the Kahvila – Next Dinner 23.11., do sign up now!

We had a fantastic dinner on 26.11. at the Kahvila on Kaarlenkatu. Our cooks (and farmers) Jukka and Jan prepared a three-course menu entirely made out of ingredients from the farm, which included this time among others a new experimentation with the making of Hemptofu. The goal for this dinner, in addition to an enjoyable evening, was to gain practice for everyone and to get feedback about the food and the overall experience. Following the delicious meal, we had a good round of discussions about our coop, see this little note on the things we will be collectively taking forward.

And a next dinner is already set for 23.11., under the theme of Oma Maa as a part of international (food and land) movements. It is great that our farmers Jan and Jukka are taking part on 9-11 November 2018 in the gathering of European Community-Supported Agriculture movements in Thessaloniki, Greece, for their 4th European Meeting – and will be telling more on this over dessert on 23.11. – do sign up to!


More Coop members & December’s Oma Maa Xmas (try-out) bag!

For the November month we are now at 55 bag orders, and whilst this means we are at a bit less bag order, we are very happy a few people have joined as full coop members, as well as that four new try-out members joined us for November, welcome!

In December our foodbags will see Oma Maa end of the year season treats, both traditional as well as foods of the future! This is how Oma Maa is wanting to develop its food: locally grown ingredients, traditional methods, yet also this combined with global practices and tastes. As December marks also the end of our summer season bags, we decided to now offer a one month whole bag try-out period for December, meaning three larger than normal bags (due to the last week and beginning of next year’s week being a break in production). Do spread this word to friends and acquaintances, that there is this possibility to bring ethical food products to all of our xmas and end of the Season celebration tables! Ordering happens via this form! (and if you are already getting your bag, you of course don’t need to do anything)

As already notified of, we will commence with our winterbag season in week 2 of 2019.

We requested your comments on the “Summer-winter season switch and 2019 bag ordering arrangements”, and we got a few replies from you writing that the arrangements seem good! (See our e-mail to you on 30.10.2018) So we will be proceeding as such.

We will soon be opening the orders for the winterbags, which will be smaller and consist mostly of processed and dry products, and thus cost less (120 euros a month). As we wrote also in the email, the aim is, however, to develop the processed products so new products are to be expected in addition to the familiar falafels, seitan and yoghurt. There will also be greenhouse greens in the bag and our collected berries are in the freezer to be shared, as well as to make ready products from. In addition we will be experimenting with the cultivation of mushrooms (oyster mushrooms).

So a lot of development of our foodbags will be upcoming this winter and made possible by your ordering of the bag!


A few more dates :

Welcome to join for talkoot during any weekday at the farm or any pick-up day at the cafe!

You can sign up to work at the farm or in the cafe on pick-up days as well as offer or find a ride to and from the farm via the talkoot form.

Read also again the complete overview of our talkoot workings.

And our next open board meeting will be at the cafe on Tuesday November 20th at 7:15pm and is open to all members. The agenda for the meetings is always updated to this document


Ruby, Jan, Mikael & Ulla